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Danny Simms

Hi Tom,
Urban myths abound. We transited with Micron 66. No issues. 
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

On Wed, 12 Dec 2018 at 03:45, thomas.kleman <no_reply@...> wrote:

Hi folks- we are planning the sequence of events prior to our canal transit and crossing. L'ORIENT (SM2K #422) is due for a bottom job in February which I intended to do in Shelter Bay on the Caribbean side. We've used Micron 66 with pretty good results in the past. In widening my information net beyond this group (I know, I'm dumbing down the gene pool) I've encountered conflicting info, some of which indicates that transit through the canal (largely fresh water) would damage my Micron 66 bottom paint, even though it's just a couple of days. I doubt this as I've had this boat in the Chesapeake for its first few years of my ownership.

I'm also planning to change out my Deka DT31 lead acid batteries early; my normal pattern would have had them dying in French Polynesia, and I can only imagine what that might cost. Has anyone shipped batteries to Panama from Miami or bought them from someplace in Panama/Colon ?

Likewise bottom in Colombia (where I am now) ? Buy it in Panama ? Would love to hear thoughts.........sorry for the multi-part question.

Tom and Kirstin


Sweltering in Santa Marta

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