Re: Bonfiglioli Main Furler Schematic

John Clark

Hi Ian,
    I did the same repairs last year.  We knew it from survey time that the gear boxes needed attention so it wasn't a surprise issue however, about eight months later the main furler out of the blue began making horrible crunching sounds.  Issue was not in the motor/motor-gear but the silver aluminium housing where the emergency furler(winch handle) fits.  There isa thrust bearing in there that holds all the load from the mainsail halyard. It is located at the top of the cylinder and is the first to see water if the seal leaks.  Ours had failed badly and was devoid of lubricant...unless you consider rust to be lube.   It was a fairly easy repair and is now on our list of regular maintenance checks.  ( parts cost less than $50 USD)

I mention it because until the very minute it failed,  the furler sounded fine by motor and felt good when operated by hand.  It would have sucked to have it bind up in a storm.  Ours looked like it was not serviced in a while so I don't think it is a thing to worry about once serviced or inspected.  

               Regards,  John

John Clark
SV Annie SM 37

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