Stay in Pamlico Sound - Little Washington

Craig & Katherine Briggs SN 68 Sangaris Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

Hi John,

You mentioned staying in Little Washington, NC in your post about Micron 66.  Just out of curiosity, how did you get there - through Ocracoke Inlet? 

Since returning to America we've been to LW a couple of times - love it and have friends there. I believe in your SM, though, your air draft precludes transiting the AICW, but in our Santorin we can do it.  However it would be great to have another option out to the ocean, which we try to maximize. (As Brother Joel Potter says, "the ICW is BORING", but that's just 'cause he's trying to sell SM's  - we rather like it, within limits.) Had thought Ocracoke was too shoal, or is there another option?

Thanks for any insights,
Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris, Ft Pierce, FL USA

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Hi Tom,
  We met in Martinique in 2017 at the rigging shop.  We are heading your way.  

As far as Micron 66 and exposure to fresh water:  I had 66 on my old boat for years passing up and down fresh water to salt water with no issues.  On Annie we spent six weeks on the Pamlico river at Little Washington...fresh water at that point.  Never had an issue after.  

We repainted in Trinidad with 66 two months ago.  Expect no issue in Panama.

Another Amel owner recommended we add the SeaHawk tin additive to 66.  We did not but he reports incredible performance with it.  It is not sold in US but is available in Grenada and Trinidad.  Might be in Columbia.

SV Annie. SM37

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