Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] more insurance games for the Caribbean

John Clark

Hi Alex,. No I think there visit an industry wide avoidance of insurance for Caribbean right now.  I am working through it and will report findings ...

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I hope you never face that choice.
When I went back to St Bart, the Gustavia Harbour told me (for Hurricane Irma) many sailors, (some I met), left and were never seen again.

May be they are dropping you because you asked too many smart questions about “really” insured for “agreed” value, without any argument…
My insurance still will not reimbursed “agreed” value, but they are raising the “market” value. I should know more next week.


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Hi Alex, yes saw Bill's and others
discussions.  My primary game plan for a storm is to run. 
If I am stuck  someplace I guess I will do my best in is all anyone can do.  
On coverage outside of country: 
TopSail UK has covered me since I bought Annie, registered
in US and insured from UK.  They said it was not an issue
as long as the vessel did not "reside" in the
US.  Documentation there was OK but staying there was
not.   I have a bunch of feelers out right now and have
questions into TopSail to better figure out the

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