Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] more insurance games for the Caribbean

John Clark

Hi All, so Y-Yachts reports that cannot insure the vessel because it is "domiciled" in the US...even though the vessel is not physically located in the US.  See below:

Hi John,

Thank you for your email, we apologise for any confusion.  It used to be that this was a way of offering coverage, however underwriters are no longer able to cover in this regard.  The registration and domicile of the insured now has overriding power.  If for example the vessel was registered elsewhere, with a non-US address, then underwriters may be able to be of assistance. 

This is also the case with other registered/domiciled countries, such as Australia.

With TopSail  during the last two years they made it clear that the vessel should be located outside the US and that coverage would not cover keeping the vessel in the US for any length of time.  Apparently something is changing.  


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