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Ken Powers <sailingaquarius@...>

I had Islands 44 Plus Hard put on in Trinidad, and was worried after reading some misleading information that the boat would not be allowed into New Zealand.  But, Islands 44 Plus Hard can not be sold in New Zealand or Australia.  SeaHawk has introduced Islands 44 TF which can be painted over the Islands 44 Plus Hard, and I carried 3 gallons to New Zealand onboard.   Islands 44 TF should be legal in New Zealand because Sea Hawk removed the Tin.  TF=Tin Free.   

Just make sure you put something on the bottom that you can either get everywhere you are going, or carry your paint onboard.

Regarding batteries.  Look into LiFePO4 batteries.  Last much longer, 1/3 the weight, and better for the environment.  Check out Battleborn Batteries.  Home - Battle Born Batteries

Just some things to think about.

Currently in BOI New Zealand


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bottom paint: you can order AF in Panama at Marine Warehouse, Arturo, in Panama City. He delivers to Shelter Bay. you can also buy AF in the duty free zone in Colon.

herbert, SN120

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