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Not sure who this is asking but,


It will take 5 US Gal cans to do as you ask.


Asking about taking or buying paint to the Carib is not really a question that can be answered. Where in the Carib? The term Carib covers a pretty vast area. If you are in the USA, I would seriously consider buying paint and carrying with you on the boat. Paint is available but depending which island you are on can be 1.3x the price of the USA. There are some other sources besides Budget, but again it depends on where you are going.



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How many gallons of paint does it take for two coats generally and a third coat at the waterline?  For Biocop TF, Seahawk specifies 331 sf/gallon, so at 53' by an average of 12 feet (my guess) it would be 636sf/coat.  That would be two gallons per coat, so a total of 5 gallons?


Seahawk recommended Biocop TF for both hard and soft growth in the Caribbean, and it will paint over the Seahawk CuKote I have now.  They recommend this as an improvement over the Islands 77.


It appears to be available at Budget Marine, so it seems I don't need to buy it in the States and carry it down to the Carib.  Can anyone comment on paint availability down there?

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