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Ryan Meador

My policy is through Pantaenius America, and I have that same restrictive language in it. I quizzed the rep about it when I renewed, and she said most companies will only offer "North/south" coverage, where you can be in the Caribbean for the winter only. She said for boats valued over $300k, you can still get year-round Caribbean coverage, but few if any carriers offer it for lower-value boats.

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I have Jackline Policy with the Gowrie Group.  It’s expensive, but few companies are willing to cover now.
Here’s the contact info:

Rachel Sloan

Jackline Account Manager

International Marine Insurance Services by Gowrie Group

522 Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403

p: 410.364.7707  f: 410.827.3758


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My current insurer (TopSail UK) informed me, shortly after their invitation to renew by the way,  that they will not be able to renew my policy due to changes in the underwriters requirements.  

I followed the advice on the forum checking with a few other providers, including Y-Yacht and Pantaenius US.  Both reported that they could not provide coverage.  That left me a bit unnerved...I have been with the same company for years without issue, have no claims, keep the insured amount reasonable, and have not changed the use or location of the vessel. 

Y-yacht reported that they were not allowed to provide coverage to a US vessel due to licensing.  It was not clear if that is due to the homeport location or flag)

I pressed Pantaenius US  for a reason and their response it that it is the vessel location in the Caribbean.  Their exact response is that no coverage is provided:  "South of 30.5 degrees north latitude in the Atlantic Ocean, inland waters, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Panama Canal, between July 15th and November 1st,"

That seems to be an awfully large area with zero yacht insurance?  I asked about the southern limit, IE is Grenada OK...nope there is no southern limit.  

Can this be correct?

Regards,  John

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