Re: Toe pulley (headsail)

Steven Bode - SV Intention 1994-SM#117

Andersen Line Tender Availability Update: Just came from the Salon Nautic Paris Boat Show and inquired at the Ronstan booth (Ronstan bought Andersen) and they did called their HQ to see about getting me one and they do not have any availability of these or ANY Andersen Line Tenders. The word I got from a seemingly very knowledgable guy in the booth was "no more line tenders left, with no expectation that there ever will be. 
I have been therefore searching online for a used one to use for my new mizzen traveller setup with no luck. 
I talked to Antal who makes a line tender (they call it a line driver) for about €500. They also have an electric one. I did not inquire into the price of that lovely. I may suck it up and use that one when I give up on finding a used Andersen.
FYI, I was educated my Ronstan that there are three different versions of the Andersen Line Tender on my '94 SM (#117); 1. Main Traveller winch, 2, electric Mainsail outhaul winch and 3. Genoa Sheet fairlead adjuster winch.
Does anyone know what Amel is using in their new boats?

If anyone has a used Andersen Winch or a line on one, please let me know.

Capt. Steve Bode
SV Intention
1994 Amel Super Maramu #117

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