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He had an Euros and he crossed with it as well. I need to find in muy


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Hola Jose Luis,
I beleive the hungarian sailor has a boat called Carina, 19 feet
Swiss built sloop 
Serge, Opera Mango #51

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Date: lundi 17 Novembre 2008, 12 h 27

Hi Matt and Russ,

I have worked in my Euros since 2005. It is a very safe boat and I
would say that it is a solid base for a trip around the world but
course it needs to be prepared. It is currently on sale cause I
cannot sail for family reasons, but I keep maintaining and
it. I hope I can help you.

There is a hungarian guy - Geza - his nickname is Rotorman and he
started the adventure with his Euros. You can find some logs here.
http://www.meder. hu/eng/logbook10 .htm
http://www.meder. hu/eng/logbook22 _070420-24. htm

I had some correspondence with him but I do not know where he is
He had also a web site but it seems it is not reachable anymore
(www.rotorman. hu).

Best regards
Jose Luis

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Hi Matt,

I have an offer on a 1970 Euros. What has been your experience
with your


On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:52 PM, matt <russisland@ ...> wrote:

I'm new to the group-looking for the other owners of Amel Euros
exchange comments and ideas about this design:)
I'm in Oz and new owner of 'DARIEN' Euros No.88
Best Regards

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