Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sm fell off cradel


Since this disaster of a boat has a listing on Yachtworld, we'll probably keep being asked about it.

I have already had two people ask me about it outside the forum, and gave them basically the same answer Bill R did, although I might have been a touch less colorful in my language.

Just say "NO" to trashed boats.

If you are in the market for a boat, please consider the following.  Like all "rules" there are always exceptions, but I firmly believe there is more truth to this than not...

I used to give a very popular seminar on "how to buy a boat."  Here is one short except from it on the topic of "cheap" boats....

Bill's Fourth Rule of Boat Buying Happiness: Spend more and get a bargain.

You likely would not believe this if you heard it from a yacht broker trying to sell you a boat. If you hear it from me, hopefully you accept it as containing more than a grain of truth.

It is a little understood, and rarely articulated, fact that the REAL bargains in the boat world are closer to the top of the market than the bottom.  Why?  Boat buying in the internet age is very close to a world-wide market.  Boats in poor condition drive down the price of those in excellent shape.  

Boat repairs are very expensive and time consuming, And they are famously difficult to forecast--even for experts.  The cost of repairs are NEVER properly deducted from the price of the derelict or neglected boat.  In the same way, all the work, time, love, care, and MONEY that were put into the top-shelf, super Bristol, best of her type, boat are never recovered in the final sale. Spend $50,000 on a 50 foot boat, you will probably have bought yourself a money pit nightmare that will haunt you for years.  Spend the same money on a 35 foot boat, and you might just have a new sweetheart.

Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

Fort Lauderdale, Fl, USA

Days away from sailing away... We hope!

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