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Ian Townsend

Just a caution. I had to paint in the US after using Islands 44 in the Caribbean. On Seahawk's advice, I applied SeaHawk Biocop with a primer coat over Islands 44 (which was fantastic). It was a disaster. Copper-based paint will not adhere properly to a tin- based paint, regardless of primer. I had to strip everything off and start anew. 

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You can also buy Seahawk 44 (much better & not available in the states))  in the in the Caribbean. Golden Hind in Tortola has it.  Also available in Trinidad. I get 4 years of use with it without a lot of cleaning.  The Seahawk 44 TF is sold in the states and can applied over the standard Seahawk 44. Excellent bottom paint.

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How many gallons of paint does it take for two coats generally and a third coat at the waterline?  For Biocop TF, Seahawk specifies 331 sf/gallon, so at 53' by an average of 12 feet (my guess) it would be 636sf/coat.  That would be two gallons per coat, so a total of 5 gallons?


Seahawk recommended Biocop TF for both hard and soft growth in the Caribbean, and it will paint over the Seahawk CuKote I have now.  They recommend this as an improvement over the Islands 77.


It appears to be available at Budget Marine, so it seems I don't need to buy it in the States and carry it down to the Carib.  Can anyone comment on paint availability down there?

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