Thanks Jose Luis:)

yes, the keel step(boot)is rusty and my plan is to blast whole
underwater section with the clean llmenite about 0.2-0.5 grid then
get to the first layer of fiberglass to fix small patches which where
repaired with polyester(!?!), yes someone have no much idea and now
blisters all over the underwater hull area.
I'll try to find good diesel mechanic, but-yes-motor must go on the
bench-time for rebuilt as cylinders glazed and is a bit smoky; runs
only @ 50+C-much to cold for a diesel. The original eutectic system
will be replaced in the future with the 12V danfoss refrigeration.
Cutlass bearing is loose as well and only way to change it is to pull
shaft from inside...just yesterday finished stripping the ruder and in
the top corner found rot under the glass-the bores done it 'great' job
but this one will be easy as the ruder is laminated hardwood-this
section will be cut out and replaced with the new timber then glassed
with the cloth.
The dodger has been removed already and I'll make new perspex for it
too as well all portholes and acrylics in the openings crazed and
must be replaced. As you can see anything I touch must be replaced or
change. Shame boat like this was run down by lack of use and regular
maintenance and I think so far this is the only Amel Euros in
Queensland, Australia-if not only one in the whole country?:)
Any idea about the design for a practical david's as the original was
just a single one(!)? I need to afix few solar panels and wind
generator but I'm bit concern about changing to much sailing
characteristic and performance for this design?
More about working progress in few days time:)
Best Regards

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I made the down part of the hull. I took off all layers of painting
to check integrity of the hull (it was perfect). Then I applied
special epoxi coat for iron to the ballast keel. And the rest epoxi
for fiberglass.
I did not want to cover the iron keel with fiberglass because there
is always leaks, and the keel can corrode without knowing it. I
prefer to see if there is corrosion everytime I haul the boat and
solve it. I spent about 3000 euros in this (made by a professional).

An advice: To change the cutlass bearing (shaft bearing), you will
need to move the shaft from stern to bow in order to remove it, due
to the skeg. That means that you will need to overhaul the engine in
this case. So, if you plan to overhaul the engine for repair, take
the opportunity to replace the shaft bearing at the same time. My
mechanic took the measures and made it done in some plastic. In fact
he asked for 2 units to be done, so I could have an spare one for

The engine has the tow hook near the entrance, so you will need to
dismount the windshield and move the roof forward, in order to do a
vertical tow.

Jose Luis

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I'm new to the group-looking for the other owners of Amel Euros
exchange comments and ideas about this design:)
I'm in Oz and new owner of 'DARIEN' Euros No.88
Best Regards
Hi guys,

thanks a lot for your feedback:)

The Euros#88 I own now, was in the 'drink'without hull out for the
last 10+ years...sad story-it was rented as trailer and of course
maintenance etc. apparently was twice on the river and the rest of
life in trawler harbor.Painted by hand with the two-pack and
from 60lt/hr Dessalator watermaker(what model this was?)I have a
project ahead but I couldn't resist the lines of this beaut!:-D
AWESOME...and with the oversize rig (EUROS 41)she even won
races.Strange for the ketch, hey?;)

She was equip with the NECO autopilot with the mechanical drive on
port deck next to galley portlight(!!!)Massive unit and such a
in bad weather?!

After 10+years and 5800Hrs on the motor she make it nice few miles
trip to the hard stand with 4-6Knts on the top off the tide
I found heaps of info, manuals even blue print of original sails
The work will commence as soon as weather permits.
I'm on the budget as many of us but I'll try my best to bring back
little spark to this amazing design.
My last boat was alloy Ovni, sadly lost in Feb. storm in Airlie
Queensland, Australia-but this one will see the blue water one day

Please sent photos and any/all info you can get about this design
rig, specs etc. I think every bit will help.
Soon I'll try upload few pics.
But for now thanks ahead to all who can help with any info.

Best Regards


P.S. the Hungarian site was down now for few months-I think he
moved on?

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