Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Yahoo Group Amel Register

Brent Cameron

Hi Alan. I really hope that I didn’t upset you. It wasn’t my intention to take over this list or supplant the work you have done, as I already know how much considerable effort it took to do that. My point was that I had spent a lot of time worrying about how much of this to release and by publishing it in an easily extracted format, unscrupulous people could use it for mailing lists and the like. It really doesn’t matter to me whether we use your list or mine or someone else’s but the issues remain. I have published a scrubbed version of my list that somewhat mirrors yours. You have information on non Super Maramu boats that I do not have in my list as when I created mine, it was for my personal use only. I also did not track the owner’s email ID’s as I had no use for that and I already have all of the Amel owner’s I have met in my contact book. I offer up my work to the group (and you personally if you would like to take over the management of it). I offered my time on it as I was happy to give something back to this excellent group of dedicated owners who have shared so much in my education on these fine boats.

Brent Cameron, Future SM2K owner

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