Lost Halyard down main mast

Alan Grayson

Hi All, i have a small problem. I was using the ballooner halyard to hold my new anchor as i was installing it. Unfortunatly my knot on the other end came undone and the halyard ended up on the deck beside me. The only good news was i had another line on the anchor so i didn't lose that as well.

Has anyone tried to rerun that halyard. I have tried feeding a small line with a small weight on it from the top of the mast but i couldn't get it to fall down. I'm not sure if there is a conduit at the top. So before i am reduced to drilling the rivets off the cover that holds the pin for the sheaves and pulling them off, all while at the top of the mast. Are there any other great ideas out there. 


Alan Grayson

SM 406  Ora Pai

Ft Lauderdale

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