Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Sm fell off cradel

Laurie McCall

Hi Jay,

My husband and I went to see Yashar in MD a few years ago when we were in the area for the Annapolis Sailboat Show. 
My husband described it as a Frankenboat. We understand that after the keel was hit (or maybe it was when the mast(s) had to be replaced), Amel refused to install the new equipment; it was that bad.
As Joel said, we found the fibreglass repairs under the sea berth sloppy. My husband also noticed that the wiring had been changed to 110. We suspect that the watertight bulkheads are no longer watertight. 

In our opinion Yashar is no longer an Amel. There might be some residual value in some of the parts. But that would be the extent of it. 

Laurie & John
Still looking for our SM home. 

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