new fridge unit Santorin

phil.berghmans <no_reply@...>

hello amelists!

I'm having problem with my fridge (previous owner installed a Db 35
Danfoss aircooled compressor)it runs 80% off the time when its more then
25 celsius.

To cut a long story short is there anyone with advice on wich system
and model i could change to .We will be going to the carib and beyond
next year.Spending our time in warm waters.

Does anyone have the right measures off the fridge space in a Santorin
We want to buy/order the new system here in the Benelux and take it with
us to Greece where the boat is located now.So I cant measure the space.
And want to buy the biggest model i can get in there?Does somebody had
the same problem maybe?

Thanks for all your help in advance

Phil from 2Miles ahead
Santorin 101

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