M801E HF/SSB Radio power Supply

Dean Gillies

I am planning a new installation involving an Icom M801E HF Radio (which I already have). The unit needs to be powered from 12V and the specifications call for up to 60A. (This is double the power consumption of the M802 radio used by many North American cruisers. I have a support ticket lodged with Icom to confirm that there is not a mistake in the specs!).

I wonder if there’s anyone in the forum who has installed the 12V version of the M801, who could share their power supply installation details.

Options would appear to be:

1: High power (60A) DC-DC converter(s) running from the 24V bank. (Isolated type is preferred, which means two units in parallel are required, although I’m not convinced this is absolutely necessary).

2: Tap 12V power from upper or lower half of house bank, connect house bank mid-points and install a battery balancer. A bit ugly really.

3: Install isolated low power (10-20A) DC-DC Converter between house bank and engine battery and power SSB from engine battery. DC-DC Converter replenishes battery in slow time and alternators provide bulk and eq charge. I like this option from a low-noise perspective. Nothing else is connected to this battery, and if conducted emissions are a problem from the DCDC converter, just switch it off. And in the event of an unforeseen/unlikely complete discharge event, there are another 12 batteries available to start the motor/genset.

4: Others?

Many thanks
SY Stella

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