Re: Antal main outhaul car for 1999 Super Maramu 2000

Steven Bode - SV Intention 1994-SM#117

Hi, Ken.
I had the same issue earlier this year. Yes, Antal changed the track size. I had to replace the track for €457. Your Mainsail is probably not set up for this, but I've seen some mainsails that are fitted with a block on the clew to provide a 2:1 purchase. Makes it easier on the electric motor and rigging. More importantly, that car (Antal 4110/SH BB CAR 110 WITH SHACKLE) was never designed to be a clew outhaul car according to the engineer I spoke with at Antal. It's a traveller car where the force is directly vertical. The Amel system puts undue stress on the car, pulling it at an angle causing it to fail. So, at some point in the suture (when I replace my sail or the current car explodes), I plan to replace my car with the Antal Outhaul system. See:
Not trying to throw you off, just give you more information to make smart buying choices.

SV Intention
SM #117, 1994

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