Re: M801E HF/SSB Radio power Supply

Dean Gillies

Hi Nick/Alan,
Regarding the connection of the negative 12V battery terminal to the boat’s bonding circuit, I had not considered there was a connection made here.
Alan, could you possibly share a bit more about this connection ? How/where/why is it made? I thought the motor and genset were isolated (always).

Since you indicate the connection is momentary then that should not present a problem.

With regard to discharge of the battery, the 60A is the maximum power consumption on highest power (probably FSK) transmit. Typical receive power is 4-6A. Given typical operation (short tx long rx) I am fairly confident that a 20A DC-DC module would keep the battery healthy - remember it runs all the time, not just when using the SSB.
What do you think?

Nick, I had actually considered mounting the transceiver in the lazarette too. The M801E is a sealed conduction-cooled unit, quite different than the M802. Longer power cables, but less possibility for interference.

However, if you and others don’t have problems when running that long RF signal cable in that conduit, the location of the unit on the chart table shelf is goood by me.

Thanks to you both for the advice and guidance.


SY Stella

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