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James Cromie

Mark - do you mean that the original speakers affected your helm compass?  
I noticed that mine is a few degrees off from the "magnetic" reading on my GPS. 

I placed a compass near the speakers (which are original) and the magnet in them is quite strong!

I have a rate compass a couple feet away that is meant for my radar overlay on the chartplotter and I think that might also be affected. 



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I learned a lesson here with the speakers. I found some great sounding 4” DC Gold speakers with good bass but the speaker magnets were so powerful they threw off the compass and I sold them on eBay. I shopped for a long time and finally found a really great replacement pair with magnetic shielding that did not impact the compass. The best part is they sound awesome with a good range and are not too expensive. They will almost fit in the existing cutout from the original speakers. You will need to file the hole just a little bit bigger and drill more screw holes. You will need to fill the old holes with something like MagicEzy. MagicEzy - Cream is a really good color match. Other than that, the fit is pretty close even though they are round.


Here is a link:


I have had these for about 4 years and highly recommend them.



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