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I agree 100%.


If someone wishes to collect information about current Amel owners perhaps for the purpose of purchasing one, then they can keep a database on their own machine. I do not believe this was the intent of the group forum and nor should it be in the future. As a moderator, I only have one vote but will take the discussion off-line to discuss with other moderators.


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Regarding the Amel Register; the database of Amel boats and owners.  I find the collection of this material particularly troublesome especially when the AOG is part of the source material.  I believe there is some small expectation of privacy i.e. the AOG is a closed group.  The amount of data collected would have any marketing manager salivating that desires to target a group such as this this group.


Mining data that you desire to collect is intrusive and I believe the potential for misuse by any number of third parties is quite high.  As we have seen over the last few years no data is truly secure.  As much as you believe you are providing as service I feel this is a disservice to Amel owners and serves no purpose that will provide any benefit to current owners.


My request to the AOG forum moderators would be to expunge any existing list or database currently in the AOG forum and prevent in the future any similar databases from being resident in the AOG forum.  Although most of  this information is a matter of public record it is not now or ever should be part of this forum.  In my opinion the AOG forum is for the exchange of ideas and information to benefit Amel owners in the operation and maintenance of their boats, pure and simple.


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