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I have received input from most of the Moderators.

We all want this to be an open forum where Amel Yacht owners can get to know each other, ask questions, and share information. For the past 12 years this has worked very well with few exceptions. 

Our group's framework is controlled by Yahoo with very little control given to us. For instance, everything you post is searchable. However files and photos cannot be downloaded unless you are a member.

Anyone who has posted files or photos has discovered that there is no censoring involved. Let's don't start. 

I see nothing wrong with Alan's file, assuming that it only contains information that was either given directly to him by the owner of that information, or Alan received permission from the owner. 

Let's try not to make rules that restrict the freely flowing information that we currently have.

BTW, Yahoo does have a database feature that might be easier to use in this case. Alan, you should check that out. Databases are only accessed by members.


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My opinion is that it is not appropriate to scold those who have concerns about their privacy, nor to label them as paranoid. 


I appreciate what you are working on, and was enthusiastic to complete the permission form to have my information on the roster, but after (level-headed and unemotional) thought, decided not to do so. 

Please don’t diminish your enthusiasm for bringing the Amel community closer together, but also don’t demean those members who have personal preferences that are different than yours.  We have strong-willed and independent members of this forum, but have always kept a certain decorum in our conversations.



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