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I was going to comment earlier, but decided to stay out of the discussion. But, I have something that I believe is important to add...

I believe, when considering what was available to Amel in the early 80s, their solution for the operation of the motorized outhaul, using mostly off-the-shelf components, was genius. The only modification to the Antal car and track that Amel made was done to overcome improper horizontal load on the car shackle. Amel did this so very simply by welding a stainless steel crossbar to the shackle, which reinforces the improper horizontal loads and, at the same time, separates the vertical load. BTW, I have seen too many Amels that replace the Amel-modified shackle with a stock Antal shackle... maybe this happened on your Amel. And about half of the 50 or more outhaul I have seen are rigged wrong.

When talking to Antal about this car and shackle, I doubt that anyone at Antal today would know about the simple shackle modification made by Amel. In fact, I am not sure if there is a better solution today for Amel. BTW, the 55 doesn't use an Anderson line handler, but what is used on the 55 is similar. The next time I am on a 55 (probably Jan 2019) I will inventory all the components and report back to you and others here.


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Hi Ken,

After looking into this a bit more, I realize that you can't use the clew-block I proposed above (duh). I'm looking into other alternatives, but I don't have a better answer than the stock setup for now. Guess neither did Amel. So, disregard my comments above about replacing the track car. Sorry about the confusion.

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