Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: New Speakers - Old Compass - Different Readings

Arno Luijten

Hi All,

I just replaced the cockpit speakers for the Fusion 4 inch model as well. These are coaxial, so basically a two way system. Although they sound much better then the Amel speakers (made by some italian company callled  Sea & Syphony) I would say that almost any speaker would sound better then those pieces of junk (from audio quality point of view). From sound quality point of view the Fusions sound OK but not great. That would be quite hard for a 4 inch speaker anyway. I'm thinking to put some damping material behind the speaker as the mid-frequencies sound quite harsh. I'm using the new Fusion Apollo head unit that has some Digital Sound Processor facilities that adapt the speaker signal to the speakers type and place where located. That does improve things as well.

I think that good speakers typically have a large magnetic field because of the size of the magnet. I did look at this company to contain that problem: but I could not find weather resistant speakers with audiophile performance in the 4 inch range.

So I'm sort of happy with the Fusion speakers as it's a good upgrade to the original stuff. I must admit I found the originals looking a bit better form aesthetic point of view. But mine were corroded pretty bad.


SV Luna
A54 121

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