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Porter McRoberts

Hopefully I will never need what you have just provided – but that is a wonderful Christmas present!

Thank you very much,

Porter McRoberts

54-152 Ibis

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Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone:

Some time ago I promised to write up and share my experience overhauling the mizzen furling gearbox/cranking mechanism on the Super Maramu 2000.  I found the file with the included pictures too large to upload to this site.  Efforts to trim the picture sizes (at least with my limited computer savvy) didn't help and so this is an attempt to make that information available to the group.  I have posted the file in my DropBox account and here is a link to access it.

It is a Word Doc file so let me know if that doesn't work and I will post it as a PDF. 

I am new to DropBox so let me know if this doesn't share properly. 

Bottom line is that I can see few scenarios where the mizzen furling "gearbox" needs to be disassembled.  The gears can be lubed via other methods than disassembly, as depicted in the document. 

All the best,  

Gary S. Silver

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Amel Super Maramu 2000  Hull # 335

Lying Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico

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