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John Clark

Agree with Mark that prices in the US will be very much lower.  I didn't suggest sailing back because, while it will likely be a smooth ride back...turning around to get to MQ or Windward Islands will be a more challenging sail.  Or well maybe not.  If you have time it might make sense.

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If you are in North Exumas, why not just sail to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. It’ll probably save you at least $2,000 on any set of batteries you purchase throughout the islands. It’s just a 3 day sail. Or, Puerto Rico will have options.


I am not going to comment on the battery types you mentioned. Those would not be my first choices for many reasons.



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Happy Holidays fellow Amel owners. 


I would like to ask the group for advice on obtaining house batteries in Martinique.  

I am interested in upgrading my batteries to Firefly or some brand of lithium ion, though I doubt that such options would be available in Martinique (perhaps I am wrong? )


Otherwise, I would need to ship them in, though I understand the import tax is significant.  

What have others done in this situation? 


Happy New Year.


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