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There are some things cheaper in the islands if they are Duty free, like dinghy motors (japanese) in St Maarten. However if you buy something in the USA and ship “yacht in transit” there is no import tax. I have shipped a Nex-Gen 3 kw generator, big solar panels, 60 qt .Engel coolers,  etc  to  places like St. Maarten, Tortola, and to Trinidad and not have to pay import tax.  And, of course, carried with me when flying to my boat in  the islands enough gear, including a life raft, that they thought I had 3 wives  (sorry girls, it’s a metaphor)  Basically shipping from the USA to a US flagged  yacht  . Tell if I missed anything.  I would check to see if the batteries are mfg outside  the USA and buy direct


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Agree with Mark that prices in the US will be very much lower.  I didn't suggest sailing back because, while it will likely be a smooth ride back...turning around to get to MQ or Windward Islands will be a more challenging sail.  Or well maybe not.  If you have time it might make sense.


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If you are in North Exumas, why not just sail to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. It’ll probably save you at least $2,000 on any set of batteries you purchase throughout the islands. It’s just a 3 day sail. Or, Puerto Rico will have options.


I am not going to comment on the battery types you mentioned. Those would not be my first choices for many reasons.



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Happy Holidays fellow Amel owners. 


I would like to ask the group for advice on obtaining house batteries in Martinique.  

I am interested in upgrading my batteries to Firefly or some brand of lithium ion, though I doubt that such options would be available in Martinique (perhaps I am wrong? )


Otherwise, I would need to ship them in, though I understand the import tax is significant.  

What have others done in this situation? 


Happy New Year.


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