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Mike Ondra

Hi Alan,

I have emailed Bernard (without reply to date) about any testing he may have done relative to slippage and recommended line size/composition.

Peter de Groot has lightly tested this with success. Since I have Bernard’s sheaves and will not be on Aletes until February I will be eager for your evaluation and see if you find like Peter that these work.

Does anyone else have experience with Bernard’s sheaves?

If there is insufficient friction, a possible modification might be to drill into the slot/groove all around to create teeth. See sketch. Drill size and spacing is engineering far beyond my capability. Gut feel is between ½” and 5/8” diameter and 12 to 16 in total.

I am also a bit concerned about sharp edges chafing the line. May soften them a bit with sandpaper.

Thoughts so far pending other’s insightful comments.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240




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Yeah...I bought a set and I'm thinking the same thing, but maybe using Vectran with a polyester cover and pulled tight it may be OK....

I'm not back on the boat until the end of January, I'll install them then, test them out and report back.



Elyse SM437

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