How to remove the Mainsail furling motor on a 54?

Porter McRoberts

Gentlemen and ladies,

May I please impose a question on you?

Because the mainsail is furling ever more slowly and in a “tired” fashion I want to remove the mainsail furling motor and examine it.

Today I tried, unsuccessfully, to do just that. I could not get the motor and housing out of the mast. There appeared to be no way of removing it. I removed all the mounting screws and dropped it down, but the motor and housing diameter appears larger than the exiting width of the mast. There must be a trick. Surely we don’t have to take down the mast to do this. Does anyone have any insight on how to do this? I can’t believe Amel would make this as easy and obvious as they have with everything else. I am most certainly just not thinking of it.

Pictures below.

Many thanks in advance,

Porter McRoberts
Amel 54-152 S/V IBIS. Panama

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