Replace Fridge/Freezer 1 compressor on A54

Arno Luijten

For those interested:

I had to replace the compressor on the fridge/freezer cabinet in the galley. Reason was the heat exchanger was corroded through so the cooling gas would escape into the sea water system.
My belief is that this was accelerated by lack of usage keeping the same seawater in the pipes for very long times.

To remove the compressor you will need to cut though some wood just below the access hatch for the compressor. When done with care you will need to do very little afterwards to restore it. The trick is to use the seam of the floor panels on the left side of the hatch to cut just through the dark wood. Make sure you do not cut into the underlying plywood. On the left side there is a screw you can undo. There may also be a screw on the inside of the cavity that you need to undo. Use a very short Phillips screwdriver.
Once this is done you can lift the dark piece of wood to increase the opening of the cavity.
To replace you just need to drill an addtional hole similar to the one already in the dark wood but then on the right side to attach it to the underlying plywood. It will look perfectly like stock Amel.

I ordered the new compressor (Model FM W50F) fromĀ Fast service. It's almost exactly the same as the one that came out. I did not use the relay that was provided as I'm using the pump-interface. I also set the compressor to 3000 RPM as I'm using the box as fridge so I estimate I don't need to go full pull on the compressor.

Connecting it to the existing evaporator is an exercise in agility but doable. Be very careful bending the pipes into position don't make sharp turns in the piping. Make sure you insulate the pipes after you have connected and tested the system.

Let me know If you need more information.


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