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Craig Briggs

HNY Brent,
interesting. I'm using WIndows 10 and Chrome on an HP laptop. His email shows as pjn.mccallin at dot dot dot. It is colored blue like a link and when clicked attempts to go to email, but, of course, fails because of the invalid address. So, as you note, writing out ones email address with at and dot seems to be the ticket.
Cheers, Craig 

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Happy New Year Craig (and to all Amelians), I’ve noticed that people often say that but his full email showed up fine (and as a link) for me so I wonder if it’s yahoo or your email program that strips it out. I’m on a MacBook and usually read these from one of my iDevices so not sure if that makes a difference. In any case, it still probably makes sense to also spell it out as you suggest. I often will do that just to make sure webcrawlers don’t scoop up my email and add me to their spam list but I’ve never had that happen with this forum. 

Brent Cameron, Future SM2K owner

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Patrick, You'll want to re-post using the words at and dot in your email address instead of the characters as Yahoo strips those out and no one can reply to you.

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I have three bottles of AMEL wine, an un worn AMEL baseball cap, an un worn AMEL logo bath robe, plus a set of un used towels, all at the bargain price of $320,000 PLUS
A 2003 SM 2000 included in that price. AWESOME? PM pjn.mccallin@....

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