Re: Head sail furling


Hi all, Happy 2019!!!
We finally got away from the Chesapeake just before Christmas. Now in Lake Worth to visit friends.

Our jib furler failed to hold while shortening sail in 20kts of wind. The motor turns but sounds like the gears are grinding. After a few turns it gives and the sail unfurls. I just bought a new line for manually furling, 150’ of 3/8” StaSet. It doesn’t hold the sail furled part way, the line slips in the drum.

We managed to get it furled (loosely) completely, by augmenting the manual furling line with short bursts of the motor.

I think the gears are stripped or out of alignment. Does anyone know of a place in Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale that might be able to do repairs? If not, will 7/16” line hold better on the furling drum until we can get to Amel Caraibes? Any other suggestions or thoughts?
I don’t want to disassemble the gearbox unless I’m pretty sure I can complete repairs before heading out again.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Kent & Iris
SM 243

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