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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Dan,

I will leave your question re the grounding to others, however I would suggest you should check with Amel as to whether your C drive can handle the 110 hp. When I repowered SM 299 Amel warned me not to go up from the 78hp of the previous engine as my C drive was not engineered to handle the 110hp and would fail. Later models had an upgraded C drive when Amel added the larger engine. I put in the Volvo D2-75. Yanma have a 75 hp option



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Happy New Year!

This spring I will be repowering Feierabend, our 1992 Super Maramu which currently has a very tired Perkins Prima 80.  I'm in the pacific northwest, and looking at putting in a Yanmar 110hp.  The yard I plan to use has repowered another SM, and are well aware of needing an ungrounded engine.  Their concern is the other Yanmar 110hp they installed was modified to be ungrounded., but not sure if the new Yanmars can be with their electronics.  They have contacted Yanmar to see if this can be done with the new electronic version.

This has spurred on a couple questions:

1. I've read through some of the previous conversations, but don't have a good understanding why the Amel requires an ungrounded engine.  With major rewiring and replacing many of the electronics the boat has required, is there a point where it would no longer need an ungrounded engine?

2.  There is currently a Kohler 8EoZ generator that is original with the boat.  Is this also ungrounded, or is that not a consideration for the generator?

Thanks, Dan

SV Feierabend 

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