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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Miles,

assuming your Maramu is same as the SM in this respect. I took the screws out of the stanchion base and pushed it sideways to allow the car to slide off. However it was a challenge to get one of the screws out. Others have cut the sides of a short section the track off to allow the car to come off. This method assumes you don't need the full length.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Happy new year !
We recently arrived in Barbados after fast crossing from Cape Verde’s
The boat was great but I noticed a few things that I now need to address
The port Genoa sheet car is worn at the point the shackles attaches.

I think it’s an original mid 80s a goiot car. It has a stylised seagull shaped ensign.

Does anyone know a suitable replacement for a vintage Maramu car and also how to remove / reinstall? I presume then come off the track fwd end. There is a stopper bolt head at the fwd end of the track so I presume I remove this and just slide the car off the track. Space for removal of the car looks really tight with a stanchion base though.
If anyone has replaced their sheet cars any info would be very much appreciated

All the very best




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