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I would be very surprised if you couldn’t find a shop locally. There are only three major manufactures of turbocharges worldwide. Garrett and Mitsubishi are the main two; I forget the third. This would not be a Volvo produced item. Once a shop sees it, they will know which rebuilt kit to use. They should not make any changes to the fan and use the one you have (this is important), the rest of the turbo rebuild are seals and bearings. Unless it is frozen from saltwater penetration, you should be able to have it rebuilt.


I would suggest checking with a local diesel mechanic and asking them where they take their turbo charges for rebuilding (this might cost you a beer). Or, pay them a few dollars to source someone on your behalf.


A quick Google search found this:


Good luck!



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 I have a TMD 22 Volvo Penta  1999/2000 Does anyone have a source for a rebuild kit or a rebuilt Turbocharger P/N 380291, new ones are almost $2600.00      Steve,  S.V. Forever Young,                      Shelter Bay Panama

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