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Hi Mark,

I have no problem with biodiesel in my car or boat in Colombia.

However I use a cetane booster additive when I burn Biofuel. Most people say it is not necessary.


I also use Howes meaner power cleaner. One bottle is good for 350 gallons.

It eliminates sludge and water from my tank. It is guaranteed to increase fuel efficiency 5% . Most importantly –no more black smudge on the hull, I carry a case on board. I don’t think you can get it ibn Colombia.

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I know you have spent some time in the Colombia area and are wise to all things Colombian. We are going to need fuel here and several sailors express concerns due to the bio diesel being the only option. Thoughts?


By the way, our boat is filthy. It is not coal but dust. It hasn’t rained since we arrived here and it is very dry and windy. I swear the mountain is being blow away.



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