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Emergency Furler:
Regarding the emergency genoa furling operation, it should work if you have crossed the leaves to the deck blocks which are used for the "foreguy" for the downwind poles. Of course, the line needs to be tight. If the 3/8” (10mm) StaSet slips in the drum when tight, possibly the StaSet is suffering from the same issue as all of the other lines out there. Most 10mm lines made today will compress to 7mm when pinching with your fingers. This is the primary reason we have switched from 10mm to 12mm for the main outhaul. Take a look at the line on the drum when it is tight. It should be obvious when you see the line go to the bottom of the sheave that the line is too small because of this compression issue. I believe that all rope manufacturers have taken guts out of line in the last 10-20 years and 10mm isn't what it used to be. Unless you are using line with an Anderson Line Tender (no longer made), the emergency genoa furler on a SM, or the genoa traveler adjustment blocks, you probably wouldn't notice that some of the guts of your line was left out by the manufacturer.  It's funny, but unless you own an Amel, you would probably never know that the line manufacturers have taken material out of lines!

SM2k Genoa Furler Gearbox:
A French company owned by a Mr. Vignando’s  made the Genoa furler for Amel. The company is now closed, and Mr. Vignando is retired. But he had several overhaul service kits for SM2000 genoa furler. An Amel School Client recently purchased a service kit  for 750 CHF which converts to 667 Euro or $758USD. The problem is, Mr. Vignando speaks only French, so you should contact him in French language. Mr. Vignando:  a.vignando"at", and, of course, a photo will go a long way in translating what you want.

Nance and Underwood is a Preferred OEM vendor for Amel School Clients, offering discounts to you as a client. Their contact information is;
Nance and Underwood
262 SW 33rd ST, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
954-764-6001 Toll Free 800-328-9782
Fax 954-764-5977
For more information on Nance & Underwood and their products and discounts go to > CLIENT ACCESS (with your password) >
then click on DISCOUNTS. You could also try another preferred dealer MACK Sails and Rigging in Ft Lauderdale. You will see their discount information
and contact information when you login above.

I would not hesitate long on buying the overhaul service's going to be a hassle, but I believe that Swiss guy has the only ones in existence.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you need more information.


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Hi all, Happy 2019!!!
We finally got away from the Chesapeake just before Christmas. Now in Lake Worth to visit friends.

Our jib furler failed to hold while shortening sail in 20kts of wind. The motor turns but sounds like the gears are grinding. After a few turns it gives and the sail unfurls. I just bought a new line for manually furling, 150’ of 3/8” StaSet. It doesn’t hold the sail furled part way, the line slips in the drum.

We managed to get it furled (loosely) completely, by augmenting the manual furling line with short bursts of the motor.

I think the gears are stripped or out of alignment. Does anyone know of a place in Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale that might be able to do repairs? If not, will 7/16” line hold better on the furling drum until we can get to Amel Caraibes? Any other suggestions or thoughts?
I don’t want to disassemble the gearbox unless I’m pretty sure I can complete repairs before heading out again.

Thanks in advance for any help,
Kent & Iris
SM 243

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