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Another Amel School client, who, BTW is in the turbo business researched this for a Super Maramu TMD-22 client and reported this information:

"Based on that, the best choices for your clients as I see them are:
1.  Buy a new replacement for $1544 ($1844 with a $300 refund when the send back their old turbo):
If it were me, I would most likely choose #3.  It's basically a brand new turbo for $295 and some elbow grease.  They just need to see if the wastegate works and that there is no damage to the exhaust and compressor housings after removal and cleaning."

I believe this is the best information available.


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My TMD22 has a Garrett 466770-0006S turbo on it.  I purchased a new “cartridge”  (compressor/turbine and bearing block) for $300.  I’m waiting for the gaskets to arrive from Volvo, so I can’t tell you if it’s a success or not.  I could not find a complete “rebuild kit” on line anywhere. Feel free to contact me if you would like more supplier details on the cartridge supplier. They are in North Hollywood California.


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