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Hi Gerhard
I can confirm that all info reported on your e-m are correct.
Next week I will be on board and I will install two switches bought at ebay Germany (corresponding to your last line but with different part #) . 
I will post the results .

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Hi Dave,
the original foot switches are mounted on deck, same as at my Sharki #60, see picture FootSwitch5.jpg.
You can buy such switches e.g. here:
They are available in black or red. See pics.
Later on Amel has integrated the switches into the windlass, see pics FootSwitch3.png + FootSwitch4.png.
However the power circuit is always the same, see pic FootSwitch6.png for all Lofrans windlasses.
As far as I know all people with buildin switches to the windlass uses these types as spare parts:

Sharki #60

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