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smiles bernard

Thanks so much for the help guys.
Joel - good point I’ve been getting lazy with the signature!

I’ve tried to rock the engine to test the mounts but it does not rock at all easily. The mounts seem/look ok too to my untrained eye. 

I’ll bleed again and perhaps also spin on some new fuel filters for good measure. 

I was also looking at the throttle cable which is slack on neutral so I could adjust that a little and also a ‘stop’ position screw it has that is currently set so that is does nothing. It looks as if this should be setup to prevent the throttle rocker arm from rocking back beyond a set position. I’m keen not to just crank the throttle cable though and mask a bigger issue but perhaps at least till I get to Martinique (or perhaps Grenada)

Thanks Bill for Dediers contact details. I’ll try him and let the group know if he is still around. 

All the very best

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I am fairly sure (not certain) that your engine has two-stage stage for less than about 1600-1800 and the other for higher RPM. Most of these two-stage injectors I have seen fail in the low range first. Several months ago I could find nobody in le Marin to test injectors or service them. I agree that Dedier is a good diesel mechanic and knows his way around Amels. I am not sure if he is still there. The number I have is +596 696 81 57 22. 

Good luck.


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Hello fellow amelians
In the canaries our engine purred nicely
When we arrived in the Cape Verde’s it was a little rough on idle
On first running since the roughish Atlantic crossing (40-45kts during last 5 days) its even rougher still
I have a Perkins m65 with around 3k hours
It starts on the button but vibrates lots until the revs are increased.
Would be great to hear thoughts on any simple things I could try. I don’t think I can adjust the idle speed on the engine. Perhaps I could via the throttle cable but don’t want to make matters worse.
I’ve bled the fuel

I’m currently in Barbados where I can’t seem to find a diesel mechanic
Next stop Martinique where I’m sure I’ll find good professional
We ran the prop shaft alternator on the long crossing for 2 weeks straight. I started to notice that in the higher winds towards the end of the trip the noise from the rotating prop would change to a less regular sound at speed - almost a knocking sound
I think perhaps the prop shaft alignment needs adjusting. Perhaps the two issues are related although if so I’d imagine the vibrations to get worse with increased revs rather than get better

Any thoughts most appreciated and any pointers to good mechanics in Martinique would be great too

All the very best


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