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Sadly, Jimmy Cornell sold Noonsite about 8-10 years ago when he sold the ARC. The owners of the ARC own Noonsite. 

And, although I agree with you on visiting Galapagos when crossing from Panama, there has been some changes since we were there in 2008.

I suggest that you check Noonsite's Galapagos page: AND Noonsite's page on the primary port of entry, San Cristobal:

The port captain did not clear us in, but allowed us 24 hours there. I believe if you arrive early one morning, he will allow you to stay overnight. He held our passports while we were there and allowed us to go ashore. We saw "Lonesome George" and bought fuel which was delivered to our boat at anchor. If you do this, I strongly recommend that you get permission from the port captain...find him. We were lucky because 15 minutes after we dropped anchor he came alongside in a small wooden boat. As always, a friendly and courteous attitude toward go a very long way with some official bending the rules.

BTW, when we arrived at the San Cristobal (main island), we had to drop a stern anchor because of the swell entering the bay and because it was very crowded. If you are not familiar with the process, practice before you go. We also had some heavy petroleum substance on our water line. If this happens to your boat, be sure to clean this before it dries...if not, you will have a very difficult time.

I hope this helps, but my personal information is 10 years old.


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Check with Noonsite,com. This is Jimmy Cornell’s (and son) website for updated & verified world cruising information by cruisers. This info coupled with his World Cruising routes and Cruising Atlas are the bible. The Galapagos are worth the any headache.  


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Hello everyone and happy new year, 

We plan to sail to Galapagos in late February. 

Does anyone know a good agent and mail address in Galapagos? There are so many rumours circulating on the internet that it would be nice to get some reasonable information. 

Thanks, fair Winds 


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