Re: Head sail furling, Heading to S Pacific


Hi Kent,


Your upcoming adventures sound wonderful.  I am a bit jealous.


Re: the furling, Ladybug came with a long black and white furling line.  I am not on the boat so I don’t know what it is.  It may well be polyester.  It is the same line that attaches to the main halyard to allow dropping the sail.   This line goes around the furler, then to two blocks on the front starboard side and back along the deck.  The elastic bungee that holds the passerelle attaches to the rear starboard cleat.  Another block attaches to the bungee and to the furling line that is now tied into one big loop.  Take several loops around the main winch or the small  winch.  The bungee provides sufficient tension (not a lot) for rolling in the sail.   I have only used this once and it worked very well.  It didn’t slip on the furler.


Please ask me questions if this is not clear.  I will be back on the boat in 10 days and will be more helpful then.


Regards and fair winds,



 s/y Ladybug, SM 216  lying in Le Marin, Martinique

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