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Craig Briggs

Hi Porter,
   Those pictures are from 2001, and that's our daughter swimming. She was in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, so, of course, we had to go. What a super time!
   From what I read the government hasn't changed much with "local interpretations" of regulations being highly variable and harbor masters being rather, er, sleepy. We did arrange, with virtually no interest from a harbormaster, a cruisers alert for some fishermen whose engine had died and were drifting toward the Marquesas for a week. It worked and they were rescued. Harbormaster dozed on.
    We also spent a few days anchored by ourselves in Isla Santa Fe, which has no town, but 1000's of Lobos del mare - sea lions, who are too cute and love to buzz you while you snorkel.  Plus a few weeks in other anchorages - beyond description! {Yes, you can wiggle a white tipped reef shark by his tail while he sleeps.)
   Our last stop was the northernmost island - Isla Darwin, with huge schools of hammerhead sharks. Wow!  From Darwin we continued NW to Baja Mexico, which Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes says you can't do. We had two weeks of perfect 24/7 off-wind sailing with the balooner and genoa. Rolled them up together each noon for a swim in cobalt blues seas. 
  The one very positive government action we came across was the confiscation of a Honduran boat that was cutting off shark fins and leaving the sharks to die - to sell the fins to the far east "aphrodisiacs" market - disgusting.
  So don't hesitate to push the boat out a bit on your visit.  Our daughter's advice was, "You're always good for one "lo ciento", although we never had to offer one.
Cheers, Craig SN68 Sangaris

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Fantastic Tip Craig!
Appreciated! We’ll be headed that way hopefully soon with a new Volvo engine.
I know it was for Heinz, but we’ll tag along!

Thank you


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