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eric freedman

Hi Tom,

We have replaced the starboard wire twice and the port one once.

One of the secrets is to use the European round wire vs the USA flat wire.

I am not a fan at the present time to use LED lights as the ones I have seen are not sealed against sea water. So I just used the exact same wire to replace mine.

I used a very strong thin line continuously  taped about 1 foot down the end of the wire.

The rope was entirely covered with electrical tape and I wrapped it so it was pointed where the wire ended and the rope continued. . It was a marlow rope about 1/16 inch or slightly bigger .it comes in a small spool.


The second time I replaced the starboard wire, I soldered the ends together and stripped off the jacket of the wire. I then again used  a very small rope tied with a long bowline to the soldered connection. . I used some tape to clean up the configuration ant it worked very well.


It is very important to put a lot of dish washing soap on the wire and pull it back and forth to lubricate the openings. If there is a grommet in the stanchion remove it and seal it when done with silicone.


If my memory serves me correctly the port light wire runs down the same stanchion and through the same hole in the deck.  In my case the steel imbedded in the fiberglass under the stanchion base expanded due to salt water intrusion.  I cut back the glass remove the rusted plate and replaced the fiberglass. I then fabricated a Stainless steel plate and mounted it on the outside of the fiberglass. There is no more rust and

everything has been good for quite a few years. The only caution is to be gentle as you pull the wire. If yo feel it binding. Pull it back and see what is causing the problem with your splice.


On my previous boat, not an Amel. I used a vacuum cleaner to suck a thin line with a few knots in it through the stanchion.


Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376




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In investigating my starboard nav light failure I've encountered deteriorating wiring. I suspect I will have to remove the pulpit to thread the new wire, but was hoping someone had a miraculous and novel technique for leaving it in place.

Tom Kleman, SV L'ORIENT SM2K 422, Puerto Velero Colombia

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