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smiles bernard

Thanks for this Gary
I have an older Maramu 
Not Super but still superb ;) 
My exhaust parts are clear from any potential knocking but good one to check 👍

I’ll definitely get someone more knowledgeable than me to have a look at the mounts. The Perkins M65 I have has more standard rubber block mounts - no donuts etc sounds like the SMS have

For group info re the contact Bill gave for a diesel mechanic in Le Marin Martinique: Dedier

He is still available and if that’s our next stop we will use him and see if he can help

Many thanks all

#162 Maramu

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I can't say about the actual rough idle, but I ~thought~ I had a rough idle.  Turned out that the metal exhaust muffler was just touching, and therefore rattling, on the engine room floor.  A new piece of insulating pad solved that.
Second, I just had the visually 'ok' looking motor mounts on Adagio changed out in Martinique.  The mechanic threw everything ounce of his weight into the motor to check the mounts, and I was surprised how far he got the engine to wiggle.  After that, he said 'the mounts are good' so, it takes heroic effort to get the motor to move around :).
We did find one point that was weeping a tiny bit of oil, so I opted to swap them all (6).  Also changed out the donuts in the coupler and the vibration dampener on the flywheel.
The results, while I wouldn't say 'dramatic', were quite noticeable at idle and it really does run more smoothly overall now. I have to learn the new sounds :)

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