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Sv Garulfo

we have also been experiencing intermittent transmission and reception issues with our main VHF iCom IC-M505, as we noticed that we had a better range with the portable one.
We have conducted several inconclusive tests (with main and cockpit speaker, without phone/wifi interference), checked the wiring at the chart table, and the antenna ends. All connections look healthy.

Any other suggestions for additional troubleshooting? 
Any recommendations on how to switch to the mizzen antenna? (do you swap antennas with the AIS)

@Mohammad: how did your issue get resolved?

Thanks for your help,

San Blas, Panama
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Hi Duane;
We are also experiencing intermittent issues with the VHF. Our issue is reception, we seem to be transmitting fine. So when we have issue we transmit on the main VHF with the mast mounted antenna and receive on the handheld.
We have done numerous power and transmission tests and get intermittent results. We are going to replace the antenna at this year's haul out.
Does any one have a good recommendation for an antenna for a 54?
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Our VHF has a history of not working for completely inexplicable reasons.  It will receive but will not send, even at very close ranges.  It will work for a time and then not work for a time.  Thank goodness I bought a handheld for a backup.

It doesn't seem like it could be the antenna.  We listened to the USCG Charleston SC when we were at the FL/GA border, almost two hundred miles away (they must have a very tall antenna)

I'm planning on replacing it (after all, it's 12 years old), but thought I would see if there was a simple repair answer.

If you replaced it, what did you pick? 



Wanderer, SM#477

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