Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] what's the best line for my mainsail boom?

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thank you  for the informatin and no, I don't have your procedure on how to correctly righ the outhaul. Thanks a lot in case you want to send it to me.

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Originally on early 54s the line was 10mm kevlar core, polyester sheath.

Amel now recommends 12mm. You probably will not find kevlar. Use a core fiber that has the less stretch.

Do you know how to correctly rig the outhaul? Do you have my procedures?


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Dear Amelians, 

I had all lines of my 54 replaced two years ago in Florida. It turns out that the line in the boom which is pulling the mainsail ,doesn't hold the sail in its position, even if the sail is under normal pressure. In relatively light winds already, the line slides around the pullies and the sail looses the desired shape.

Can anyone tell me what the original line was that AMEL used or what your best practices and experience is in case you also replaced that line?

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