Re: [Amel] Yanmar 100HP engine oil change <jlmertz@...>

I am not sure that synthetic oil is a good choice,

Normally for engines that have small rpm NON synthetic oil is more
stable in time,
A learned in the past that non synthetic oil increase her performance
with time ....
Only restriction is the turbo that _perhaps_ prefer synthetic oil due to
height temperature,

On my car without turbo I never change oil and I NEVER had a problem.....
On my TMD 22P (a bad Volvo Penta engine) I put normal oil (*_and change
oil filter_*) every 500 hours our 2 years.

/Tout est possible dans un monde infini
hkornberg a écrit :

Hello, I have an SM200 with the Yanmar 4JH3 engine having about
2000HRS. To increase the oil change intervals, I have envisaged the use
of Synthetic lubricant. Any experience in using synthetic oil?

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