Fie on Fi


I just want to send out a word of caution to anyone considering switching to Google Fi for cellular telephone and internet.  I think many are interested because of the advertised  "seamless coverage in 147 countries."  Well the old adage that if something seems too good to be true it probably is holds true here.

My wife, son and I all have Google Fi for our carrier, and it was wonderful down here in the eastern Caribbean until recently.  We had good coverage everywhere we went, including Martinique, and then all of a sudden in the middle of cruising with our sons, we lost all coverage, phone and data, while in Martinique.  Since we had no phone or internet and were on the hook we couldn't get support.  When we got to a wifi cafe, we chatted with Google and after many stock interventions, still had no service (this was 2 weeks ago).  They said there was nothing they could do, it wasn't their problem, it was the local carriers.  When we got Dominica service resumed but when we reached Guadeloupe (France again) it was gone again.  Again I found some wifi and contacted customer support (not technical support, they don't seem to have that, only customer support).  They had me do the same interventions which again didn't work.  Again they said sorry nothing they could do and gave me a credit of $20.   We are now back in Martinique and there is still no Google Fi service with no indication it will ever resume.

We were using cellular internet for many things, including weather and email  and phone was critical for organizing the numerous contractors working on my boat.  Very inconvenient to say the least.  We just got back from the local Digicel office where we bought a new plan and have put Google Fi on "pause."

Can't speak for other parts of the world but it appears the whole google fi system hinges on the local carriers in the various countries, and the customer support person actually told me they had "no authority" to contact those carriers??!  So feels like a house of cards to me and suggest you beware.

Any one with lost coverage elsewhere in this watery world?

Paul C.

SM 238 "Maracuya"


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